What Student Need to Know about Portable and Emergency Radio-Diagnosis.

 What Student Need to Know about Portable and Emergency Radio-Diagnosis.

Portable radiographic are usually obtained of acutely ill patients who may have urgent findings necessitating prompt detection and treatment. Urgent findings are defined as significant and unexpected findings requiring immediate corrective action. Portable digital x-ray has become much more in demand over the past several years with new technological advancements.

Emergency radiologists use a range of imaging techniques to diagnose:

  • Body trauma,
  • Heart and lung, (thoracic) trauma and conditions,
  • Injuries and, diseases of the central nervous system,
  • Injuries and, diseases of the head and neck,
  • Trauma to the spine and upper and lower limbs,
  • Emergency obstetrics, and gynaecology,
  • Vein (vascular) and artery (aortic), malfunction.

Portable X-ray machines have been available for some time. Generally, they have been used in hospitals to perform radiography on patients who are in such critical condition that they cannot easily be transported to the radiology department. These machines have also been used in the emergency room when a patient is being treated for traumatic injuries or in the operating room where patients may be undergoing various surgical procedures.

Despite the advantages of portable X-ray, the image quality of bedside chest radiograph can be limited, and the image interpretation and appropriate clinical action can be affected due to a decrease in communication between the attending physician and the radiologist.

Essentially, a portable X-ray machine is an X-ray unit that’s smaller than a fixed one and can be moved. It allows radiographers, vets and dental professionals to take X-ray images of patients without having to call them into a special lead-lined room.

The principle is still the same, whereby it emits X-rays through a person or animal’s body, and it’s reflected back, showing up on the image as white.

Portable X-ray machines are often used by professionals who have mobile practices or in busy medical facilities where space is an issue or there’s a distinct lack of access to equipment.

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The benefits of having a portable medical X-ray machine in your medical facility
Whether you’re using a portable medical X-ray machine for veterinary, dental or doctoring purposes, this technology comes with a lot of benefits – including:

  • Greater mobility and portability– hospital trips or visits to the radiology department for chest or skeletal X-rays can often cause more harm than good for the patient. A portable medical X-ray machine can be folded up into smaller shapes and easily transported to a home. Similarly, if the veterinary practice is extremely busy, you can find a different room to conduct the X-ray on a poorly pet.
  • Better speed– portable medical X-ray machines eliminate long waits and processing times, which will lead to a happier patient or pet.
  • Safer operation– radiation exposure is a real health concern with traditional medical imaging equipment. However, the shield mounted on the front part of a portable X-ray device helps to protect both patient and user from scattered radiation.
  • Cost-effective– constantly using ambulances, taxis and the resource of staff costs money. Taking the X-ray machine to the person will cut out the middle.
  • Improved patient care quality– people and energetic pets don’t have time to wait around for the film from a regular X-ray machine to be developed. A portable medical X-ray machine provides accurate and fast results via phosphor plates and cassettes. These can then be enhanced using the workstation attached. It’s ideal for sports teams, the military, mobile vets, local GPs and other professionals who want to give their patients a quick, accurate result on-site.

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